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Symbian^3 Family in pictures

I have a C7, N8 and E7 so i decided to put them side by side and take some pics, to me the c7 is the classiest looking overall, but the N8 and E7 are no slouches. Which device do you think is the classiest looking and why.

Nokia C7 in pictures

I recently bought my wife a Nokia c7 for Christmas, I haven't given her the device yet, but i did have to have a look at it and snap some pictures using my N8. It is very hard not to power the device up and play with it but it is a…

North America Qt Training Schedule

Nokia has partnered with Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) to provide a 2 day Free Qt hands on training to teach programmers 'how to use Qt to develop mobile applications for Symbian^3'.  Many of you might already know that Nokia has a…