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HP Chromebook 14 is free for Pixel 4 buyers.

Yes, you read the title right. Google is giving a free HP Chromebook 14 to those who pre-order the Pixel 4 smartphone. However, this is not clear, if these Chromebooks will go to a few customers on a few carriers or all of them. The

From Windows 10 to Chrome OS Day 1:

What Chromebook did I buy?: I bought a refurbished Acer R13 running Chrome OS with 64gb of storage. I bought this specific Chromebook because I felt it was a good mix of price to performance and it had every feature I wanted to try in a…

Asus C223 ultra-slim ChromeBook specs leaked

Asus C223 is the new Chromebook in the market, suggests leak:- A new leak has surfaced from Norway. This new leak suggests that Asus will come up with a brand new Chromebook. The Chromebook, as per the specifications, might be a low-end…