Titan is the latest security chip from Google

Gone the days when only Apple had a security chip. Now Google is also going to add new chip-based security called Titan. The Titan is the security chip that will be available on most of the Google hardware, be it Pixel, or Chromebook.

OnePlus 7 Pro getting the Android 10 right now!

OnePlus 7 Pro is getting the Android 10 starting today. The Android 10 comes with the OxygenOS 10, along with several features of Android 10 itself. Back then, the update was paused due to some bugs in version 10.0.0. However, OnePlus is

HP Chromebook 14 is free for Pixel 4 buyers.

Yes, you read the title right. Google is giving a free HP Chromebook 14 to those who pre-order the Pixel 4 smartphone. However, this is not clear, if these Chromebooks will go to a few customers on a few carriers or all of them. The