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Pixel 4 Rumors: first camera samples now live

Pixel 4 rumors are almost done for, however, there are more things to go. This time its the camera samples that have leaked. Although camera quality is good, the video capturing is messed up. The images and videos come from YouTuber

Pixel 4 leak again shows new camera features.

Damn, none of the smartphones are getting leaked as much as Pixel 4. However, it hasn't touched the height like Pixel 3 last year. But this new leak showcases some new camera features the smartphone. The new series of camera

Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL Extensively Leaked

What is going on?! Just as what happened last year, it appears this year the Pixel 4 has ended up in the wrong hands (or, well, not the hands we think Google intended). The videos you will see below show off the devices in all their glory.…

Gmail is getting dark mode on Android.

For some users, the Gmail app for Android is getting the dark mode. The dark mode is made so, so that white doesn't hurt the users who read the news at night. The dark mode update is coming out since the Android 10 has been rolled out