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Android Q will make managing your earbuds easier

Android Q is about to release net month, and we know so much of the feature before the release. This new feature wasn't well-known before today. This new feature will make it easier to monitor your earbuds easier. The Google Fair Pair

Android Q Beta 5 now released with said tweaks

Google has finally released the Android Q Beta 5 update today. The update brings several changes and tweaks to the gestures on the Android Q. This is going to be the second last beta update before Google releases the update for OEMs and

Night Sight moves to Google Camera UI

Yesterday we reported with the new gesture navigation in the leaked Android Q, this new feature is pretty interesting. The Night Sight on Google Pixel is moved to the Google Camera App. This makes way for the GCam port to have the Night

Android Q might have customizable gestures

A recently leaked but unreleased Android Q build suggests that the OS will have a customizable back sensitivity gesture onboard. One of the Pixel 3 XL users recently reports to 9to5Google, stating about the unreleased Android Q beta