OnePlus gets ‘inspired’ by Apple, brings this iPhone feature …

By: Amith


With iOS 13, Apple introduced new feature called Optimised battery charging aims to reduced the ageing of battery of iPhones. By learning from daily routine it can wait to finish charging past by 80% until you need to use it.

Now, OnePlus has also launched  similar feature, called Optimised Charging. OnePlus, basically keeps the charging of the phone battery on hold to 100% once it hits 80%.

This feature is for people who intend to keep their mobile plugged in whole night, this feature charges mobile upto 80%, and when you wake up in morning you can charge from 80%.

One plus claims that the data will stored in device-storage only, To enable this feature, OnePlus users will have to head to Settings app> Battery> turn on Optimized Charging.

When feature is active you can see a muted notification will be displayed on battery icon. If you want to charge your phone to 100%. you can turn off this icon, and then continue it 100%.

To recall, Apple’s Optimized Battery Charging also relies on machine learning to understand your daily routine. By default, when you set up your iPhone or after updating to iOS 13, this feature is on.