Using Laptops For Music Production


Are you interested in music production? Or maybe you’re already a music producer that is constantly seeking out the latest and greatest equipment?


One of the key pieces of equipment you’re going to need is a laptop or computer. Without one of these, your music production dreams are never going to get off the ground.


Here’s what you need to know about using laptops for music production.

What IS music production?

A music producer is different than a music composer. A music composer is someone who writes and directs music. A music producer oversees the recording and production of the music.


After the composer has the song ready, the producer is the one that will record tracks, work on arranging the best and melody into the song, polishing tracks, and mix various components of the song.


Music production allows songs to reach their final format. If you’ve ever listened to a singer or band play live and wondered why they don’t sound like the recording, it is because the recorded version has been edited.

What do you need a laptop for?

A computer allows a producer to record, edit, and mix music. While there’s nothing wrong with using a desktop to do this, a laptop is certainly more convenient because you’re able to transport it around. If you’re meeting with a client, you can grab the laptop to show them what you’ve been working on.


There is certain software you’ll have to download onto the laptop. This software is referred to as a digital audio workstation (DAW). This transforms your laptop into a powerful device that can help with all of your music production needs.


It can take several years to completely master using a digital audio workstation. If you’re just getting started in your musical production journey, having a laptop with the needed software will allow you to begin experimenting.

What other equipment do you need?

In addition to a laptop and DAW, there is some other equipment you’ll need to be successful.


If you’re going to be recording the vocals and instruments, you’re going to need a microphone and studio monitors. This will allow you to capture clean and accurate sounds.


In addition, you’re going to want a really good pair of headphones. A good pair of headphones will allow you to better hone in on the music and pick out any problem areas that need to be fixed. If this is your first time selecting headphones, make sure to read online reviews.

What should you look for in a laptop?

If you think you can pick up the laptop that you use for browsing social media and start using it for music production, think again. Most basic laptops aren’t going to have the necessary specs for music production.


You’re going to need a good computer processor. The computer processor is what carries out actions and runs programs. The higher the processor, the better it’ll run the needed software.


You’re also going to want to make sure you have plenty of internal storage. Music production takes up a lot of space on your laptop and you don’t want to risk not being able to save a song. You can also consider purchasing an external hard drive to store music on.


Something else to take into consideration is who large the screen is. Larger screens allow you to work without the need to hook up to an external monitor. The size of your screen is really a personal preference, but bigger is better.

What are some recommended laptops?

A quick search will bring up plenty of recommendations.


Apple MacBook Pros will always rank high on the list. These laptops have an extremely powerful processor, plenty of storage, and large screens. MacBooks also come with a free audio editing software called “GarageBand”.


Microsoft Surface Pros are also popular because they have a great processor and are affordable. Surface Pros also have a laptop mode and a tablet mode, making them versatile.


Finally, the latest Dell XPS is another good choice. These laptops are extremely powerful and will run DAW software without any problems. They also offer vibrant touchscreen displays.


To find some more of the best music production laptops of 2019, check out the following guide:

Final thoughts

No matter where you’re at in your music production journey, a good laptop is one of the first pieces of equipment you’ll want to purchase. Once you have your laptop, you can install your DAW software and branch out into the world of music production.