Here is the new Mac Pro enough to break your bank balance.


Apple has finally launched its Mac Pro, and Oh Boy! That’s too expensive to handle. The starting price begins from $5,999 only, starting today. And before we get into the article, do not forget to check our app on Play Store, you can read articles there as well.

Variants – Tower & Rack

The new Mac Pro comes in two different styles – Tower and Rack. The starting price of the Tower is $5,999, whereas the Rack will set you another $500. Yes, it will cost you $6,499. Way too expensive I would say.

As of now, only Tower is available for purchase, where the Rack is mentioned as Coming Soon on the Apple Website.

Mac Pro Configuration options.

Things get way too heavy on your heart when you start customizing the hardware for your new Mac. If you opt for the maxed-out version, then my friend you are going to get bankrupt on the spot you clicked the Buy button.

This is because, the maxed-out variant will set you, including Final Cut and Logic Pro, Magic Mousepad 2 + Magic trackpad, and others, will set you back to a whopping $53,247 out of nowhere!

The specifications for maxed out? Here it is:

A 4TB Apple Specified SSD(Kidding me, right?), 1.5TB of DDR4 ECC RAM (just why? who needs this much RAM as of now?) Two Radeon Pro Vega II, Afterburner card with a 2.5GHz Xeon W 28-core processor is enough to make you feel poor, I tell you, it’s ridiculous! 🤦‍♂️

This much power is enough to run a gaming server with a whole lot of Virtualization onboard, because why need 1.5TB RAM then? Just to run two software?

Other options include a 256GB SSD for, wait a sec, how much? Well, Apple doesn’t care to present the individual cost of every part. Typical Apple 🤷‍♂️

And let me tell you, the Pro Display XDR will start from $4,999 only, with no iStand or Pro Stand or mount. You will have two different options: Standard Glass for $4,999 and Nano-Texture Glass for $5, 999.

If you go with the Pro Stand to support yourself after setting your bank balance to fire, shove in another $999 for more firepower. Overpriced display – done, Opverpriced Stand – done, who the hell gonna connect these two? A Mount! Getting a VESA Mount Adapter will set you about $199 extra.

Total cost?

So if you are a damn good fanboy, doesn’t care about the bankruptcy, you will have to pay $59,943.98 or straight $60,000 which includes all of the above high-end specifications.

Source: Apple, obviously?

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