Top 10 Apps for Entrepreneur and Why Have Them


Organizing a business can be quite a task especially if you are a new entrepreneur. Manage your growing business using the apps as they will almost take over all your organizing tasks, like recording calls, signing of the document, and also managing payments. Let me introduce you to some useful apps for your enterprise.

Must Have for Entrepreneurs

Spending your time effectively isn’t just the trick to a much more productive life, it’s additionally the trick to a happier one. It’s easy to fail in your business, especially if you aren’t managing your time effectively. You might miss out on chances to invest top quality time with your family and friends. You may download and use the apps below to achieve good results in your business.

1.   Trello

Instead of getting lost in a mess of e-mails or a complicated spreadsheet, Trello pictures your tasks as lists pinned to a digital bulletin board system. Each list is made of specific posts called cards, which can represent anything from jobs to concepts, to goals. Staff members can add comments, accessories, lists, and customize labels on cards, keeping everyone on the exact same page.

Trello is on Android, in addition to Mac and Windows. There’s a complimentary version, or you can upgrade for more features with an Organisation Class or Enterprise account. The app is completely adjustable. Every company is different and Trello adapts to your needs, whatever they might be. Trello keeps you organized by consolidating all of your tasks and group communication into a single environment.


2.   Accompany

Accompany is a clever app that briefs you before your meetings providing you with a summary of the people you are meeting. It also provides you with all the essential information concerning a client or person you are to meet. The app gathers this information by going through your emails, your calendar, your social media account, and an online search.


3.   Pocket

Save all your important documents, articles, videos, to view later even when offline in your free time from your computer, tablet or phone. You can also use Buffer web browser plugin and save data from almost 1,500 mobile apps. All the data you save is well organized and labeled by your preferred name, which makes it easy for you to fetch the data. Buffer manages your social media marketing by allowing you to set schedules across several social networking platforms. You can schedule content posts at the optimal time for your followers to see.

4.   Paypal

Paypal offers personal and premier accounts; which you can first open a personal account, then upgrade to a premier or get Paypal for your business. Each account provides different services in addition to being free. Paypal’s credit cards charge a flat rate of 2.9% plus a $0.30 in each transaction. Opening a Paypal business account will help you receive payments online through mobile. First, you have to confirm your email address, which will be appearing on your customer’s bank statement or credit card transaction. Finally, you link your account to the Paypal business account to transfer funds in 1-3 days. You can also move money fast with Paypal Business debit Mastercard.


5.   Salesforce

Salesforce is a mobile platform that integrates marketing, sales business analytics, and customer service. You are able to understand your customers better and manage your business while on the go. Harness the power of Salesforce and its marketing, sales, customer support and company analytics capabilities in one integrated mobile platform.

6.   Square

You can process payments from your mobile phone with the help of a mall reader you get from square once you sign up. The app makes sales easy by accepting both regular and chip cards. If you have a store you can upgrade to a square stand because the app has great features that can help manage your business.

7.   MobileDay

MobileDay syncs with your calendar to give you access to your conference on time from wherever by a single click. You will never miss a meeting or bear the stress of being late for a meeting.

8.   Hellosign

Through the Hellosign app, you can sign contracts agreements away from the office. You can also view documents in the app, sign pdf files using your fingertips and email it. It saves you time and movement frustrations.

9.   Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an app that is compatible with all your devices including your Pc. You can share your worklist on projects, set reminders for upcoming deadlines, add images and content to the list. It centralizes your conversations and you stay on course with your to-do list; you can call it a simple, little productivity app.


10.  FreshBooks

A Freshbooks app is a cloud-based platform suitable for small business owners. It syncs all your mobile and desktop apps for you to view your current financials from wherever you are. You can send invoices, check status payments, respond to your client’s feedback and comments within the app. In addition, you can track your time, take photos of receipts and add them to your expenses. It is an easy way to track your cash flow.


Whether you’re a business owner or not, all of us have the very same 24 hrs in a day. Being a business owner is a gratifying experience. However, without the right knowledge and assistance, it can be difficult. Long before you can afford personnel to help you do the more you can pay for apps that help flip out less.

Stop rushing to determine how to handle your growing business but organize yourself with the above essential apps for your business. These time administration applications in your toolkit, you’ll be better outfitted to improve your life and business for more efficiency and less anxiety. Are there more business apps that you are using? You can share in the comment box below as you leave a comment concerning this post.