The Latest and Best Video Editors for Android (Free and Paid Options)


We love to ooh and ahh about our favorite directors and actors, but the real magic of video production lies in the editing process.

Video editors shape the stories we love so much making them into the powerful pieces we see.

If you’re looking to try your hand at editing, you’ll be happy to hear that you don’t need a powerful editing suite or even a computer. As long as you have an Android device, you’re good to go!

Here are our picks for the best video editors for Android.

Free Software

Years ago, software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere cost editors hundreds of dollars. Now, you can get high-quality editing software on your Android device without having to pay a penny!

Here are a few of the best Android editing apps that you can download for free.

YouTube Studio

To date, YouTube is the biggest video hosting platform in the world, with 500 hours of video added to the site every minute. Because of its massive popularity, most content creators post directly to YouTube.

YouTube Studio makes the process even easier, allowing users to keep up with their channel, interact with subscribers, and change certain details like your video’s title and description.

From a video editing perspective, it’s a great tool for beginners. Though its capabilities are pretty slim, you can still slice, merge, and adjust on the go. Plus, you can upload videos directly from the app.


If you’re looking for something with a bit more pizzazz, YouTube creators would do well to look into YouCut.

Like YouTube Studio, YouCut is rudimentary enough that newcomers won’t have any issues navigating interfaces and adding clips.

However, it also has some features that are rather impressive for a free piece of software, like the ability to add music from your phone’s library into your videos.

It’s also one of the few apps designed with social media platforms in mind. YouCut allows users to optimize their videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

But our favorite thing about YouCut is that it doesn’t add any annoying watermarks. Typically, free software comes with a major caveat — a massive logo slapped onto your video. We’re thrilled to report that’s not the case at all with YouCut!

VLC for Android

VLC for Mac and PC has been around for ages. But most people aren’t aware that they can take one of the most popular media players with them!

VLC Player for Android hasn’t been around all that long, and it seems tucked away into the Google Play Store’s editing software section, so we can’t say we blame them.

Rest assured, VLC for Android brings everything you love about the desktop app to the small screen, with most functionality in place.

While it’s still primarily a media player, VLC features a few basic editing options, as well. Don’t expect anything as robust as the other two options, for but simple projects it should be enough to suffice.

Paid Software

In the world of editing software, you get what you pay for. While free video editing software is wonderful for quick edits or learning the ropes, you’ll find yourself limited pretty quickly.

Instead, you’ll want to upgrade to a premium app to unlock better features like extra effects and export options.

It’s worth noting that each of these apps can be downloaded and used for free, but to get the most out of them, you’ll need to plop down a few dollars.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Since Final Cut Pro’s fall from grace in 2011, Adobe Premiere has become the industry leader. While Premiere is expensive, users can access the editing suite through Adobe’s subscription service, Creative Cloud.

In addition to a wide assortment of Adobe’s most popular apps, Creative Cloud subscribers also receive some neat bonus features on the company’s mobile devices like cloud storage, easy uploads, and more.

Truth be told, Premiere Rush isn’t worth the download if you don’t have Creative Cloud, which is why we consider it a paid app. Still, if you already have a Creative Cloud sub, Premiere Rush is a great way to make simple edits at a moment’s notice.


While PowerDirector doesn’t have the brand recognition that Premiere enjoys, it’s still well-respected in its own right, acting as a middle-step between software like Windows Movie Maker and professional software such as Premiere.

It’s well worth the upgrade to the premium mobile app, namely for the 4K resolution and chroma key options.

In fact, PowerDirector is one of the only mobile editing apps to offer chroma key support.


Out of every app on this list, KineMaster tends to receive the most updates.

Paying for a premium subscription removes that annoying watermark from the free version, plus you’ll get access to an asset store featuring new transitions, clips, and more, each week.

Editing Tips

Editing video on a mobile device is a bit different than editing on a computer. Since you’re relying on touch-screen functionality, it’s easy to slip up if you’re not careful.

For starters, make sure you have plenty of space on your phone. Video files can take up a surprising amount of space, even if it’s compressed for a mobile device, and every effect, music track, and text overlay balloons your video’s file size.

You’ll want to make sure you have at least a few GBs of open space before starting a new project. Or, if you plan on editing on your Android device on a regular basis, invest in a microSD card to add more storage.

As mentioned before, touch-screens devices aren’t always the easiest to work with. There’s a good chance you’ll make a few mistakes along the way.

Don’t worry! As long as you know how to undo mistakes and save your videos often, you should be able to correct any problems without losing much progress.

Speaking of which, save your video often. Video editing software can run your phone through the gamut, causing the app to crash or your phone to overheat and shut down.

Per rule of thumb, save every few minutes. Or, if possible, enable an auto-save feature.

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