T-Mobile 5G going live in the USA, rejoice!


The USA is now going 5G! Starting today, T-Mobile has launched its nationwide 5G services in the USA. That makes the telecom operator the first among the competition to bring the fastest network around the country!

The T-Mobile 5G uses the 600MHz band which covers 200 million people, in 5000 cities and towns over an area of one million square miles!

However, the 600MHz band isn’t that fast that it can give 1Gbps speeds out of the box. But the speed is higher than the currently available 4G LTE. T-Mobile promises to increase the speeds up to 450Mbps by 2024. And if the merging of Sprint and T-Mobile goes well, then they can use Sprint’s mmWave spectrum as well.

However, only a few, or I would say, only 2 smartphones feature 5G right now. These two are the Galaxy Note 10+ and the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren, where the later is on pre-orders right now. You can head here to read about it.

Source: Android Authority