Infy, TCS, HCL hired more employees in 2019



Infy, TCS, HCL hired more employees in 2019

India’s top  IT companies like TCS. In the first half of the on-going fiscal year. as they stepped up to deliver digital products for clients globally.

These multinational companies hired over 64,332 employees. In past sixth months till September, Compared to 54,642 People in the same period, last year. Indian firms are hiring talent from college campus and to execute projects in newer digital deals. “If you look at the potential demand, the absolute revenues ” are growing in the range of 6-8%, and the industry is hiring to meet the demand.

The overall hiring outlook for the IT industry remains positive,Indian firms are also hiring thousands of people from college. Companies seeing their business disrupted by student startups, TCS has made 30,000 offers to hire from campuses this year.


While the digital business is growing at a faster clip for india firms, almost 60-65% of the current IT jobs are likely to undergo huge changes over the next five years,The industry body is targeting to upskill four million people by 2025 through its future initiative, But there is some amount of job displacement due to skill mismatch.