Minitool ShadowMaker: Backup and Sync the data on your desktop easily


Because of the risk of losing all your files, images, music, and other relevant documents to an incident or computer crash, the need for a backup solution can not be adequately specified.

There are a lot of different ways to back up. This could include copying files and folders to a rewritable CD or DVD, USB drive, or external hard drive, or even using a cloud-hosted solution to enable you to access and synchronise your files and folders across devices.

While it’s great to use even one method, it’s even more ideal if you use multiple backup methods to deliver a real and practical level of redundancy. This may, however, make it harder to handle your backups.

This is where backup technology comes into play as it helps you to handle and automate backup activities more quickly, allowing you to let it run and save in the background while working.

There are several numbers of software available, but one of the best from the lot is MiniTool ShadowMaker.

The software welcomes you with a clean interface asking you to set up your backup, and the overall interface is simple too.

You get the option to backup and sync your data, recover them and manage all your previous backups.

When you click on the “Backup” section present on the top bar, you will be asked to choose the Source (the place from where you want to backup your data) and the Destination (where the back-up will be stored).

It is that simple; once you are done choosing the files, you can start the backup by click on the “Back Up” now button present at the bottom.

You also have various options that you can play with before starting the backup.

Some of the settings include the option of choosing the maximum file size that should be backed up if the files should be compressed, encrypting your backup with a password, shutting down the computer after completion, etc.

You can also schedule when the backup and choose the scheme of the backup (Full, Incremental, Differential)

The process is the same for the synchronising your data. You have to choose the source, the destination and start the sync. The software will do the rest of your work.

If you navigate to the “Tools” section in the software, you can also get some extra features like Media Builder, Mount, Dismount, Clone Disk, Boot Menu.

As an icing on the cake, you can also remotely control other’s computer by entering the IP Address in the section that appears when you first open the software.

You can use the software for a 30-Day Free Trial and then get the full version. The price is as mentioned below,

The cost of their license is well justified according to the features that they provide.

You can visit their website to know more about the software. They also have few other Softwares like partition wizard which we also have reviewed on our website.

MiniTool also has other products like, Data Recovery, Backup Software and Mobile Recovery.