YouTube Premium goes prepaid in India.


Google is now making the YouTube Premium prepaid available in the Indian Market. This method of getting a subscription is better than paying every month actually.

If you are a subscriber already or want to be one, then you can get the prepaid plan. However, only the two major cards will be supported. Credit card and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard will be accepted when you get a prepaid plan. This is a better option for those who want to take the plan as per their convenience, but do not like the recurring subscription.

Most of the time, the recurring charges get rejected by the bank, even if you enable it. And, in this way, by getting the prepaid plan, you can just keep yourself away from that fuss.

There are two plans as of now. A one-month plan and the other is a 3-month plan. However, Google haven’t spoken about a yearly plan in their official blog post.

After the plan gets over, all the premium benefits will be removed as well. The premium features include Offline Download, Ad-free Youtube. After the end of the plan, you will get back to normal YouTube.

At this time, this feature is available in India only. It may soon expand to other countries in the coming days.

Source: Google Blog

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