Huawei Mate X sold out in minutes in its first sale today


The smartphone went on sale via Huawei’s online store for a cost of 16,999 yuan (£ 1,900) and officially sold out “within minutes.”

On November 22, when a second batch goes on sale, phone fans who failed to buy a Mate X on Friday will get another chance. Anyone who buys one of the folding phones also gets 50% off repairs and replacements related to the camera.

During the MWC Mobile World Congress in the first half of 2019, the Huawei folding screen smartphone was first unveiled. The publication was delayed several times for various reasons. Nevertheless, the company formally announced the launch of the Mate X on November 15 in limited supply at the Huawei 5 G new product launch conference on October 23.

Huawei’s Mate X has an8-inch folding display that shrinks when folded to 6.6 inches. The secondary screen of the phone is 6.38 inches. The phone has a combination of the Kirin 980 processor and the Baron 5000 and uses 8 GB of running storage memory with 512 GB. The phone also allows supports extended storage of 256GB.

It seems like Huawei is doing pretty good for itself. There’s still no news for the Mate X on a broader mobile release. The foldable device’s exports are likely to be limited to China until trade sanctions are lifted by the US government.