Moto Razr launched with price of $1,500


Lenovo Motorola sub-brand is launching today’s iconic Moto Razr version of 2019. In the past, the Moto Razr has endured many leaks and rumours, and as the leaked pictures revealed, the Razr looks attractive whether it is folded or unfolded. The new Moto Razr provides a premium design and packs two screens— one is the main display (when the phone is unfolded) while the device is folded on a small screen. The Moto Razr’s main screen has very small bezels on the sides. On the front is also a wide-notch.

The Motorola Razr (2019) will go on sale in the United States from January 9, 2020, according to the brand. It will be sold in the country exclusively by Verizon and the wireless carrier will start taking pre-orders beginning this year on December 26. Motorola Razr is also going to make its way to India, but at this stage the details are uncertain. The business has set up an Indian website registration page where interested customers can sign up for updates.

The cost of Motorola Razr is set at $1,499.99 (about Rs 1,07,400) in the United States. There’s no news on the price of India. By comparison, Samsung markets the Galaxy Fold in the US at $1,980 (about Rs. 1,41,700) and in India at Rs. 1,64,999.

Coming to the actual phone, Motorola Razr (2019) looks similar to the original Motorola Razr, including the curved chin at the bottom, but the whole thing has been updated. The company also produced a water-repellent model.

The primary display on the brand-new Motorola Razr is an OLED HD+ (876×2142 pixels) 6.2-inch flexible screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9 that can be folded in half as stated. Motorola claims that when folded, there is no difference between the two halves of the window. Consumers can use the secondary 2.7-inch (600×800 pixels) Quick View screen in the folded state, which can be used to take selfies, view updates, manage music playback and much more.