How to Easily Optimize Your Tweets for Search


Twitter isn’t just about people stumbling across your feed when they are looking for something or someone close to what you do. Twitter is about generating a campaign that maximises your exposure even when it doesn’t look like you are marketing yourself, that is the real art.


When it comes to tweets, you want it so that people can find you, what you do and where you operate, and you can do those by optimising your tweets for search. It sounds complicated but don’t worry, we’re here to show you how easy it is.




Even if you have limited knowledge of search engine optimisation, key words are pretty self-explanatory. You want to make sure you are using the most important words relating to your topic within your tweet and that you can find hashtags that relate to these words. Make sure the hashtags aren’t vague though, you want to make sure that people are able to find you, but remember to keep it relevant!


Match Everything


If you are a business or a brand, chances are you have a website, a logo and a general feel to how you do and say things. Make sure this is consistent across everything you do; your handle needs to match your company name that is on your website and that your username reflects what it is you do. The more accurate you can be, the easier the search engines will find you and be able to link everything you do together for the person that is searching, you don’t want to appear disjointed.


Make Everything Retweetable


Keep your tweets to 120 and under to ensure that they can be retweeted and other parties don’t have to edit any part of them. Don’t just post the link to your website, give an explanation or a play on words, but make sure that you say something! You are more likely to get engagement on a tweet you say something about and twitter will be more likely to rank favourably if you use the platform the way it was intended.


Optimise Your Twitter Profile For SEO


This will give you and your business long term searchability, more so than your tweets. Make sure that everything is matching in terms of branding and make it so that you are using key words in your bio that relate to your organisations business, goals and values. This will make sure that you are ranked on various search engines and unlike your tweets, this will stay there and give you more sustainable traffic not only to your twitter feed but potentially to your website.


Introduce Yourself


It may sound ridiculous but so many businesses forget to introduce themselves and make they look human. People buy from people they like, and they don’t like faceless organisations that don’t seem to have any morality behind them. Say hi to your followers, tell people who you are and what your function is within the business. Make your profile picture an actual photo of you, even better also use this photo on your website to increase the level of consistency. Dot important keywords throughout, but make sure that it sounds natural and not contrived, if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work, don’t force it!


Build You’re Audience and Your Reach


This is easier said than done and does take time, but the persistence will be worth it. The more you engage with followers, the more they engage with you and the more visible your feed becomes. Twesocial comes highly recommended as a service to build your followers organically.


In turn the more authority you begin to have, it is this authority that can help you rank higher in google searches. Whilst they won’t give us an exact answer of how they use their algorithms to rank, they did let slip that the wider people’s authority is on twitter, the higher they will rank when tweets of a similar nature are searched for, so make sure you focus on building relationships across the platform.


Final Considerations


Search engine optimisation isn’t an exact science and there are a lot of factors that we are unsure about, but what we do know is the value of adding relevant key words into anything that we do. These can help increase our audience to not only our twitter feed but even traffic into our website.


Make sure your audience knows who you are and what you do; people are more inclined to engage with real people. Keep growing your network and working toward building up authority on the platform and that can help google and twitter rank you higher so that users can find you faster than other accounts. SEO can help you increase your following and through traffic to your site, just give it time to work!

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash