Things You Need to Know in Choosing a Secure Online Voting Software


Online voting is the next big thing, and many organizations are realizing the potentials of voting software for their operations. However, most managers and bosses are not sure or are not that technically adept to identify which internet voting system they should use. Because of the potential consequences of insecure or unreliable software, finding the right one is vital.


When choosing which tool to use for your next company’s elections, you may want to consider these 6 factors.


  1. Security


Naturally, the biggest and most obvious concern is the security of your elections. This includes other aspects like the privacy of the votes and tamper-proofing. This can be difficult to understand by non-technical executives, so it is a good idea to read about voting security or consult an expert.


  1. Tool’s Reputation


Because not everyone can truly understand the technicalities of the different online voting software, companies can look at the feedback and the reputation of a certain provider. This can give them more information on how secure, user-friendly, and reliable the tool is. You might also want to know more about the software and the provider before entrusting it with a major vote, so you might want to consider a trial run first.


You should also consider the profile of other customers, as this will give you a better idea of the software’s capability to fulfill your company’s needs. For example, if you do not have as many employees, then you do not need a provider to be able to handle very large elections.


  1. Technical Support


Whenever you get any kind of software, you will need technical support. First, your employees will need to learn how to operate it and later on, you will need someone to ask when there are issues or problems. During elections, you will need the answers and solutions as quickly as possible, so the service of the provider should be a huge part of your decision process.


  1. User Experience


Conducting online elections should make the process easier and faster for you and your employees, so it should be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. After all, your IT department will not want to receive hundreds of calls asking for help. Plus, if the tool is too difficult to use, it will dissuade people from participating in the first place.


  1. Census Management


Your online voting tool should work with your employee or voters’ database so no one has to encode them over and over again. If it is linked to your database, then you can easily choose participants with just a few clicks. You will not want to have to worry about adding information on hundreds and thousands of voters.


  1. Voter Authentication


Once the voter list is uploaded, they should get notifications as to how they can participate in the vote. There should also be a way to authenticate their identity before they can actually vote. This way, you will not end up having unauthorized people taking part in the elections and messing up the results.


Now that you know what you should consider when searching for an online voting software, you can follow these steps.


  1. Do A Massive Search


Ideally, the biggest and most reliable providers are easy to find online or through word-of-mouth, simply because many people are using the tool and are talking about it. If you have difficulties finding more information about a tool or it does not seem to be popular, then this is a red flag. You might also find local providers or those with branches nearby a better option, especially when it comes to training employees and getting technical support. Beyond that, you will want to note down their rates and other relevant information.


  1. Narrow The List Down


If the list is quite long, then try to whittle it down to 3 at most. Consider your most important search factors and rate each to come up with the best answer.


  1. Sign Up For A Trial


The best way to check if a software is a good fit is to try it out. Sign up for trials on your top 3 and see how easy (or not) it is. You can use this chance to test uploading information, seeking technical support, and preparing reports.


Online voting tools are a great addition and help during your company’s elections, but you still need to be picky in order to find the right one for you and your organization’s needs.