Microsoft launches all-in-one Office app for Android & iOS


Microsoft today announced their “Office” app for iOS and Android that incorporates Word, Excel, and PowerPoint features in the single application. The new app, currently available as a preview, simplifies working with various types of documents while at the same time bringing in some new features to improve productivity.

Users no longer have to install each app separately, the tech giant revealed here at its “Ignite” flagship event.

The Office app provides a simple, integrated experience that puts the tools you need for working on a mobile device at the forefront of the experience. We started by combining the existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mobile apps into a single app. Doing so brings all of your Office documents together in one place, reduces the need to switch between multiple apps, and significantly reduces the amount of space used on your phone compared to multiple installed apps. We then added new capabilities that harness the strengths of mobile devices, such as the camera, to enable you to create content in uniquely mobile ways. Finally, we added a new Actions Pane that helps you accomplish many of the common mobile tasks you need to do all from one place.

The new Microsoft Office app has been launched as a public preview. It is now available to Android users through Google Play Store and to iOS users through Apple’s TestFlight programme.