High-tech Hunting Gadgets Worth the Money


Going hunting with a bow and arrows like you were Robin Hood might be interesting but modern hunters actually use sophisticated gadgets to enhance the experience. However, selecting the right gizmos from thousands of them available on the market might prove tricky. Some of them cost a fortune but of little value for the money spent. The trick is to find a high-tech gadget that will be worth the money so here are some hearty suggestions.

Hunting apps for your smartphone

Both pro and novice hunters carry their mobile phones into the woods because they are helpful in numerous ways. You can call the rescue service in case of an emergency or you might simply use the phone’s torch to light your way through the night. Of course, don’t forget to put the phone on silent so you don’t give away your posing or scare your prey.

Apart from these basic features, smartphones come with a number of software hunting aids. These are mobile apps that easy your life in the woods by helping you track animals better. For instance, tracking a wounded animal at night might prove difficult because you cannot spot drops of blood with a simple light. A blood tracker app will help you identify the trace of blood in pitch-black conditions.

A handy wind detector

Most animals have much more acute senses than humans. This means that you are already behind before the hunt begins unless you equip yourself with the right gizmos that will turn you into a “robo-hunter.” For instance, it is often hard for humans to sense the changes in wind direction so a wind detecting gadget will definitely come in handy.

They are available in the market and they are waterproof and shock-resistant. If you bring a wind detector along for the hunt, you will be able to detect how strong the wind is and which way it is blowing with the push of a button.

High-tech animal calls

Ancient hunters used their palate or a horn to imitate the mating call of their prey to attract it. Present-day game hunting uses the same principle but the calls have become high-tech. In fact, there are more and more calls that come with different animals call phone apps we’ve discussed earlier.

Although some hunters think of them as cheating, calls are considered by many an essential part of hunting gear. For instance, calls are an irreplaceable part of duck hunting gear during the bird’s migration season. Furthermore, modern technologies have come far when it comes to producing lifelike duck decoys as well, some of which have an audio feature with an integrated mating call.

Smelling the air

As you already know quite well, different animals have a different smell. Using your sense of smell will be useful only if the animal is close by so it would be nice to have a gadget that would act as a pair of long-range “nostrils” of sorts. Such an apparatus does exist and it usually hung from a tree or set on a tripod. It will tell you where an animal is before you spot it yourself so you can close in for the kill undetected.

Protection against insects

If you are hunting in a humid area, like a jungle, then you might become the target of a hunt. Namely, pesky mosquitoes and other flying pests will want a taste of your blood and they will block your line of sight. In order to combat this issue, there are butane cartridges that can be hung from a backpack or the belt to create a safe zone a few meters around you. A single filling usually lasts for half a day which is more than enough to allow you to aim for a long period without being distracted by various flying bugs.

All of the high-tech hunting gadgets listed above are definitely not a waste of money. In the online hunting gear market of today, there are countless apps and gizmos that are virtually useless but will set you back thousands of dollars. Choose your high-tech gear carefully by browsing for products you actually require, not the ones that look fancy but are futile in the field.