Raise to Talk might come to Pixel 4


One week before the launch, and here we have another leak on Pixel 4. And this time it is the gesture of the device. Google is planning to give this beasty smartphone a new gesture, that too to the Google Assistant.

Since the beginning of the Pixel LineUp, Google is adding the latest features to the device, which are generally meant for Pixel only. A feature, that we all know from the time of Pixel 2, and the legacy continues to the Pixel 4. The Squeeze to Awake feature on Pixel 2 made a huge success back then, and now it is also coming to Pixel 4.

In addition to this feature, Google is also planning a new feature, which will help you interact with the Assistant. This feature is Raise to talk.

Name clears everything right?

As per 9to5Google, this feature will not require you to invoke the Google Assistant by keywords like Hey Google or Ok Google. Just pick up the phone and start talking to it, and Assistant will respond you back.

However, this feature is currently under development. Although Google is bringing this feature in future devices, it is still not sure if the feature will come to Pixel this year.

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