MX Player is the Best for My Android


For a home-based single mom, my best form of relaxation would be watching movies, and so far, MX Player has been of significant help. Unlike pre-installed players on our smartphones, this player offers more exciting features.

MX Player is available in Play Store, but you can also use an APK to download it. You can install it on your phone or your tablet. The best part, apart from doing most everything that a default video player could do, MX Player offers additional utterly useful features.

Here are some things that might convince you to use MX Player.

The interface of the MX Player

I know that most people don’t consider the interface of video players to be vital since most of the time, they watch in full-screen. Nevertheless, MX Player has an enticing look. Its file browser is straightforward, and it automatically refreshes as you add or remove video files. It is easy to navigate since everything is just a tap away.

Other useful features include a lock button, so you won’t accidentally tap or swipe while watching. It has different view modes too: stretch, crop, 100%, fit to screen, among others. It even has forced rotation that is not part of your system-wide Android setting.


The good news here is that you don’t need a high-end phone to use MX Player. Even a Galaxy S3 Mini can run it smoothly, and it supports almost every popular codec and video formats from AVI to MP4. If you happen to play an unsupported file, you will get an alert to install an additional free codec pack.

Subtitles are also fantastic since MX player can read several formats. You can change the text style and colour too. Also, gestures would help zoom, move text around, or forward or rewind subtitles if it gets out of sync. Meanwhile, MX Player can look up subtitles for your current video using

One downside of MX Player, perhaps, would be the lacking playlist feature. If you tend to watch several videos daily or if you like to leave videos running while doing something else, this


the missing feature could be a hassle.

 Additional Features

  • You can stream online video files through MX Player as long as you have the URL, but it cannot stream from sites like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • If you want to resume a video, it starts from where you left off. Of course, it will still ask you if you’re going to start from the beginning.
  • Like other video players, MX Player supports playback too, but it lets you pick a start and endpoint within the video.
  • Even if you minimise the app, you can set the audio playback on and MX Player will continue playing in the background, so you can listen to while doing something else.
  • If you don’t want your kids to use the phone but not be able to open other apps, MX player has a lock mode.

MX Player comes for free, but of course, it has banner ads. If you want to get rid of the ads, you may purchase the MX Player Pro is available for $6.

I find MX Player robust. I could say it is the best video player app for Android and computer too since there is MX Player for PC too.

Do you think the MX Player is worth a try? Let us know what you think.