MiniTool Partition Wizard is the solution for creating partitions.


Hi, do you ever felt that there should be another partition of your current 4TB hard disk drive? So that you can store movies in one, games in the second and the third and fourth partition with your miscellaneous files? Or, you need to clone your Windows partition to a new SSD/HDD? Well, the chances are that most in-build partition tools give you partitioning capabilities, just that. So there also comes these partition wizard tools which gives you options more than the built-in tools gives. Presenting you the MiniTool Partition Wizard!

The MiniTool Partition Wizard brings you numerous options to perform with your hard disks. Create partitions, or merge them, or just clone Windows partition to a new fresh SSD. Or just create a new bootable media from the Windows ISO or a Linux ISO, you have all the options out there.

In fact, you can also convert NTFS to FAT32 disk, however, there will be an issue with >4GB space, since FAT32 supports up to 4GB max of file size transfer at once.

MiniTool Partition Wizard – functionality

As I already mentioned, there are numerous functions in this software.

Let me discuss it one by one.

Cloning SSD/HDD

This is one of the best solutions in the Partition Wizard. How you ask? Well, the function does as its name suggest. It will help you clone the existing hard disk to an SSD or vice-versa. Or you can move the entire Windows partition to a new SSD. You can see there are two options to choose from.

The first option will let you move the entire OS partition to a new drive. The second option creates a clone of the current OS path.

Select any of the options, and you will be greeted with this screen. This screen will let you select the drive you want to use to copy/move the OS. Since I do not own a second HDD, I cannot show how the entire process goes on. Sorry for that 🙁

Copy a partition

Yes, you can copy an entire partition of your desktop HDD, making it way too easy to create a backup of your current drive at once!

Copy a Disk

On contrary to the section Copying a partition, here you copy an entire disk. Yes, no D: partition, entire disk at once!

Partition Recovery

This particular feature helps you to recover a dead partition. The dead partition can occur due to several reasons from physical shocks to bad sectors. Using this feature you can just recover any of the dead partition of the selected disk.

Convert GPT to MBR – or vice-versa

This feature is a truly helpful option out there. Converting a GPT partition to an MBR partition always requires a command, that too after formatting complete Windows installation. However, things have changed. Now with MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can do this without even formatting the hard disk every time you try converting the disk type.

Disk Benchmark

As the name says, this feature lets you check the performance of the drive on the go. This will help you decide when to get a new SSD/HDD when the performance degrades considerably.

And we should not completely depend on the results, they might not be accurate. You can feel the degradation after a very long time since these SSD and HDD can store data longer than thought.

Space Usage Analyzer

This is another handy feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard. This section lets you check which particular file or folder is gobbling up space on your hard disk.

There are three different views here. Tree View – lets you check folder vise but in a tree structure. The second is File View, which obviously, let you see which particular file is gobbling the space. Then comes the Folder View, which is similar to Tree View, however, you can’t check node vise.

Other than the prominent features mentioned above, you can also do data recovery for your hard disk as well.


The MPW starts for around $39 for a single device single-year free updates license. Whereas the single device, lifetime free update costs you around $59, and the 3 device, free lifetime updates will cost you $99.

And there is an offer going on. If you purchase any of the licenses above mentioned, you will get McAfee Total Protection 5 device, single-year license for $9.99 only.

The server variant will cost you $159 for a standard license, whereas the lifetime free updates license will cost you $259.

Similarly, the Enterprise version will start from $399, which will provide 1 license for a single company with 99 systems. Whereas the lifetime version will cost you $499. There is also a technician edition, giving a single license to use for 299 systems anywhere.

You can buy MiniTool Partition Wizard from here.

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