Samsung has announced the World’s First 0.7μm Image Sensor


Samsung is a technology giant and it is developing new technologies round the clock. Today, the South Korean company has announced, what is perhaps the world’s first 0.7-micrometer (μm)-pixel image sensor.

If you are not a camera lens enthusiast, let us break it for you. This sensor packs around 43.7 million pixels, each measuring 0.7μm across. This will make it possible for better space management in today’s world of ever-decreasing bezels.

The sensor is called ISOCELL Slim GH1. It has got Samsung’s latest pixel isolation technology that can capture sufficient light and color information to produce more detailed and vivid pictures. In low light, the Slim GH1 makes use of Tetracell, which is a pixel-merging technology that enables higher light sensitivity equivalent to that of a 1.4μm-pixel image sensor.

All of this means that we’d be seeing more spectacular devices next year with breathtaking cameras.