Pixel 4 Orange image surface again, darker logo.


A newer and clearer image of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 orange variant has surfaced again. This time, it shows a darker Google “G” logo as well.

However, the viewing angle of the image is still unclear, since it doesn’t show clearly whether the back is glass or frosty glass, just like previous generation Pixels. However, it worth noting that the smartphone is coming up with the same color as well.

According to 9to5Google, this color will be called “Oh so Orange”. Yes, Google is again selecting some weird color names for Pixel 4 smartphones again.

The other two colors are going to Just Black and Clearly White, which are pretty normal from the first generation.

It’s is worth noting that this year’s Pixels will come with some decent hardware and as usual its award-winning camera.

Source: Android Police

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