Google Brings New Voices for Assistant in 9 Countries


Google Assistant already had a lot of options for voice here in the US (including John Legend!) But that wasn’t the case with other countries. Today, Google is finally bringing new voices to 9 countries.

Google’s launching a new voice in nine more languages: German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, English in the U.K. or English in India. All the new voices rolling out this week were built with DeepMind’s state-of-the-art WaveNet technology which make them sound natural, with great pitch and pacing.

You can head over the Google Assistant settings and change the voice there. And also, the voices are displayed by color, rather than gender. Google says that people enjoy choosing between voices to find the one that sounds right to them.

You can try new voices today. And chances are, you might just find one that sounds even better than the one you’ve been using.