Google Assistant Will Talk for You, When You Can’t


Sources have revealed that Google Assistant on the upcoming Pixel 4 might be able to talk for you when your call is on hold. The news comes via 9to5Google and Stephen Hall.

Stephen tweets that the source has told them about the feature and even a name for it.

The feature is useful in several ways. For instance, if you have been put on hold by a business (with the music in the background), you can let Assistant know about this. Once the phone is held back by an actual person, the Assistant will let you know. Meanwhile, you can relax instead of waiting for the other end.

This feature sounds similar to Call Screen from Google, where the Assistant takes over calls and provides you with a transcript. We don’t know if the feature will be available with the Pixel 4 from the first day itself. But we’ll be surprised just like we were on October 9th, last year.

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