OneTechStop has its own app now, and yes it is good.


Update: There were some issues with the app. Due to which a new update has been published to the Play Store. You will get the notification as soon as the update goes live.


Hey Guys. OneTechStop is been here since 2014. We have seen so much of technologies on our blog, and yes people like us. They feel happy to get the tech news directly on their news feed. However, back then we didn’t have our own app. And right now, most of the major blogs around the internet has their own app, be it made from scratch, or using WebViews and what now.

But I was thinking why not get an app for our own blog? After all, mobile phones are the most important thing in the current time. Be it Android or iOS, every smartphone has got those precious storage space for your app!

And why not to utilize it?

So here we present OneTechStop’s first app to you guys!

OneTechStop on play store!

First and foremost, let me tell you about the app. The app isn’t made of native languages like Java/Kotlin or Swift/Objective-C. Instead, I have used Flutter here, which is a Mobile SDK from Google for cross-platform app development.

It uses material design concepts all around the app and makes App Development pretty easy.

Now let’s talk about the app a bit more. It is way cleaner than any app on the internet :P.

The app has simple bottom navigation, just making sure you can reach every tab easily on your large devices. Using a beautiful dark theme, making sure you do not hurt your eyes at night reading the content.

With the dark theme, beautiful color is an absolute necessity. So I am using Teal color here to make sure the colors too not hurt your eyes.

Bottom Navigation

Yes, the bottom navigation bar is having category wise pages to read from.

Home: Home tab will let you see all the current posts posted on the website. Although sometimes it may happen that app is not getting updated with the latest content, we know about it. And I am working on this. It may take time to get the data real-time.

Google: As the name suggests, the tab will let you read the current posts on everything around Google.

Microsoft: As the name suggests, the tab will let you read the current posts on everything around Microsoft.

Apple: As the name suggests, the tab will let you read the current posts on everything around Apple.

Random: Ah yes, the interesting tab. Here you can get any random news from any random category other than the ones already placed on the tabs.

Feeling Lucky? Read any of the older or new posts on OneTechStop from the random category!

Read who wrote the article on OTS


Yes, you can also see who wrote which article, on any page. This feature will roll out pretty soon, since I have already published the update on Play Store, and is under process right now. On the current app on Play Store, you may not see it.

The Single Post section will not have any of the bottom navigation, but only a top back button.

As of now, the app on the Play Store doesn’t have the links visible or working. But the update which you may get in a few hours will have the links working.

Also, if you see any Youtube Link in form “<any-id>” or like that, click it, it will open your Youtube App.

As of now, this is how it works. I am trying to polish the app more.

Download the app and let us know did you like it or not. Leave a review on Play Store as well. However, do not give 1-star for the sake of giving a review. We have all the rights to remove those reviews.

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OneTechStop - Tech News on the Go!
OneTechStop - Tech News on the Go!