Google Pixel 4 Leaks: 6GB RAM, 8x Zoom & Motion Mode


Google plans to release its Pixel 4 next month, and we already know almost everything about the device.

Earlier today a user shared some new images of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 on Weibo. The posts have been taken down but thanks to XDA Developers were able to retract them before it was removed.

According to the leaks, we can now confirm that the device is going to come with 6GB of RAM.


We can also confirm there will be 8x zoom capabilities on board for the Pixel 4, which suggests that the second lens will be a telephoto lens. It is not sure how the zoom technology will work with Google’s AI. But we expect it to be great just like its camera.

According to 9to5Google, the Google Pixel 4 will have a new “Motion Mode” for dynamic action shots that will feature moving subjects and blurred backgrounds. It will be something that we have not seen in any smartphones yet. Adobe After Effects uses code to make this possible, so maybe we will see something like that.

Reports also confirm that improvements are also coming to Night Sight regarding the speed to capture shots and also starry nights.

What do you think about these improvements? Are they worth the upgrade?