Source code reveals Pixel 4 to come with 90Hz display


The Android 10 is already out. Also, IFA 2019 is going on as well. However, the thing that remained mysterious was of the rumored display refresh rate of Pixel 4. As per the rumors, the Pixel 4 will have the 90Hz refresh rate.

The refresh rate is less as compared to several gaming smartphones. However, the Pixel is not meant for gaming only. However, after the release of Android 10, we are confirmed that the next-gen Google’s smartphone is going to have the 90Hz refresh rate display.

Pixel 4

If you aren’t much of a coding nerd, or never touched C/C++, let me explain you.

The comment above clearly explains that once the OEM/Google changes the source code and add the implementation of 90Hz display, this code flag will get removed.

Now the code, it is a simple flag here, which says if the 90Hz display being used, the refresh rate will automatically be set to 90Hz. However, if the display is a normal one, it will retain the normal settings.

This flag will be removed completely when the settings get implemented in the Settings.

Also, there are several changes to SurfaceFlinger as well. The refresh rate overlay will come inbuilt into the Developer Option. This will be shown under the clock, in red for 60Hz, and green for 90Hz.

Also, if a video is being played is detected, the Pixel4 may change/adjust the refresh rate automatically.

As per the rumors, the Pixels will come with a 5.7-inch display for non-XL smartphone, whereas a 6.3-inch OLED panel for XL variant. It will also be the first Pixel to feature 6GB RAM.

Source: XDA

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