Pixel 4 has a larger top bezel, thus removing the notch!


The days are reducing, and here we are getting leaks after leaks of the upcoming Pixel 4. Like last time during Pixel 3 launch, several images including a complete unboxing of the smartphone leaked over the internet. This time, Pixel 4 might be the target as well.

The images reveal some big differences from Pixels prior to Pixel 4. One of them is the single shiny back instead of dual-tone back in previous-gen Pixels. The shiny back is the single color glass back. Both base variant and the XL variant will be the same.

Now, when talking about the backside of the device, it features a square-shaped camera module, which resembles quite like iPhone 11 leaks.

Also, the front based bigger bezel also has an explanation. As per Google, the bezel will feature several components like Soli Radar Chip along with several other sensors as well.

As per other rumors around, the devices from Google will feature 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 855, and 128GB storage. Also, you might see the first Pixel device to feature a 90Hz display.

Source: Android Central

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