YouTube Music Gets “Released” for Spotify’s “New Music Friday”


YouTube Music is Google’s attempt in bringing the Apple Music and Spotify domination down. And in this process, they’re constantly making the overall product better than ever.

We all know Spotify is everything about playlists. Its Daily Mixes and Discover Weekly are adored by every Spotify user around the globe. But if you want to listen to the latest songs, there’s also a playlist for that called “New Music Friday”, which you can easily guess, gets updated every Friday.

On the other hand, YouTube Music is also trying to get its playlist part right. It already had “New Release Mix” but that was personalized. Now, YouTube Music has added another playlist called Released which comprises of “the hottest 50 songs this week, served up fresh to you every Friday.” 

The change also comes after Apple replaced it’s Best of the Week playlist with New Music Daily. Apple now updates the playlist daily. It sounds too similar with Spotify’s New Music Friday and we’re not sure why Apple added this.

Let us know which music service you use and did you like the recent changes they’ve made in the comments down below.