Google might kill passwords pretty soon.


After Microsoft has decided to go Passwordless, tech-giants like Google is also going through the same way. In a recent iteration, they have been spotted using the phone’s unlock method as a password.

And there is no need to set up anything at all. Just head to any of the Website such as Google Passwords will need you to authenticate your screen unlock method to let you check your passwords.

Right now, this feature is available for Pixel devices, later on, will come for other Android devices as well.

Even if you use PIN, Password, or Biometrics, you will be able to unlock these services and websites. Which means complete password-less future!

Do note, that this feature is completely secure. You can also read about the in-depth explanation of this feature on Google Blog. And the good thing is Google never sees your biometrics, pin or password at all!

Source: Android Authority

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