Mint H Review

The item finder for around the house



The Mint H is a system of small beepers you can clip onto common items such as your keys, remotes, or put in your wallet. They come with a remote control that allows the user to let each one ring individually. These beepers are not Bluetooth trackable and therefore will only work within a few feet of the remote. You cannot trigger the beepers using an application or another system, it is a self-contained system.

What’s in the box:

Mint H in the box

6 colored beepers
The remote and a stand
7 batteries (one for each beeper plus the remote)
6 sticky pads
6 key rings
A guitar pic to open each of the Mint beepers

What did I like about the Mint H?:

The Mint H required very little fuss or set up. You simply pop each battery into the beepers, put the beepers on whatever object you misplace often and you were good to go. I found these useful for my keys or wallet which would often end up in strange places in my house or the laundry room. It’s helpful if you’re in a rush and leave your belongings around the house. There were no problems beeping items in my family’s 3 story home, therefore, I wouldn’t worry about the reach of the beepers however your mileage will vary. The devices also have removable and easily changeable batteries, therefore as long as the internals don’t give out you will not have to buy a new system when the battery runs out. They’re also relatively inexpensive and they do as they’re advertised to do.

Mint H open box
What did I not like about the Mint H?:

The devices are a little too big and bulky. I had originally planned on putting them onto my TV remotes around the house, however, the beepers were wider than the remotes themselves and made them unwieldy. If Mint can reduce the size of these by at least 25% I feel like they could be far more usable. I do understand that the reason these systems are so big is because of the replaceable battery, however, I wish they could be a little more compact.

Beeping the remote is another desired functionality of the Mint H. There were times I thought if I can’t keep track of the items I’m losing, what makes me think I will keep track of the remote. If I had one beeper but not the remote though it would have been nice to track the remote as well. The Mint systems would occasionally let out a quick beep at times, however, this happened only once every few days. I assume this is to let the user know the beeper is still functional.

Opened Mint H Beeper without a battery


The Mint H system of beepers is a nice way of keeping track of easily lost items in your home. Many times while using them I thought of how useful they may have been when I was younger and my family would scramble throughout the house losing their keys and wallets. At the low price of around $25, this system is a great budget option to the GPS and Bluetooth capable Mint ES or Tile. As long as your only problem is losing items in the house.

Would I buy the Mint H system?:

I would not personally purchase this system. If they were a little smaller and easier to attach to remotes then I would buy them in a heartbeat. My problem with this is not that they aren’t Bluetooth compatible. That’s not their main purpose. I do wish though they were a bit more sizable and felt more durable. I can, however, see the purpose for these and if you, or even your kids who don’t have smartphones yet, are prone to losing things like a backpack, pencil case, or other household items I would pick this up.

What do you think about Mint H? Is it something you might pick up or is it a pass for you? Please feel free to comment below and let us know! Don’t forget to also pick up a Mint H at the link below!

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