Redmi Phone with 64MP camera coming this year, with 108MP camera next year


Xiaomi is on the move to release the first 64MP camera Redmi device this. Also, they are planning to introduce the 108MP camera smartphone as well.

The Redmi phone with 64MP camera will be launched sometime around the Q4 2019. We should actually see this coming ever since Xiaomi and other brands started giving 48MP camera smartphones this year.

In the event held in China, the firm also reports launching a Redmi device with 108MP camera next year.

The 64MP camera is the Samsung ISOCELL sensor, which was launch this year. As per Samsung, the sensor’s ISOCELL Plus technology reduces the light interference between the pixels and improve the picture quality.

Another feature is the Smart ISO, which changes ISO on the basis of Ambient Light available.

It is supported by Dual Conversion Gain. This reduces the ISO in bright light and increases the ISO in a dark environment.

The max resolution of the 64MP sensor is around 9248×6936 pixels.

However, there is also a talk going on that next year, Xiaomi will launch a device with 108MP sensor. The 108MP sensor will be another ISOCELL from Samsung and has the image resolution of 12032 x 9024.

Source: Android Central

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