Facebook working on streaming box for TVs


According to a report, Facebook is currently working on a media streaming box for TVs. These streaming boxes will also have the capability to do video chat as well.

As per the information, Facebook is in talks with several streaming giants like Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon, and others. This information indirectly directs to the fact that Facebook is indeed working on a streaming box for TVs.

This all will be possible with an in-built camera and an AI camera, which will be inside the streaming box, thus letting you to video call all your contacts on Messenger and WhatsApp.

It can be somehow related to the Portal Smart Display which was Fb’s first device to use for video calling. This new rumored device will be extended or say version 2.0 of the Portal Smart Display.

However, Facebook hasn’t released any info of this upcoming device. Thus we can take this information with a grain of salt in the end.

As of now, there is no official sales record from FB for the Portal Smart Display.

Source: Android Police

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