Pokemon Masters pre-registration begins on Android.


After the immense success of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Quest games, a new Pokemon game, called Pokemon Masters is about to release. This new game will allow you to befriend other trainers and fight.

The Pokemon Masters is a free-to-play RPG game. The game revolves around the Island of Pasio, in the PokeVerse. In this game, you make a trio, each with a single Pokemon, and find and fight other trainers. Also, you have to make it to the top of the Masters League.

In this game, there are several trainers ranging from those seen in the games like Sun And Moon, Red and Blue, however, if you select special outfits, your default pokemon changes.

However, the game is in no connection with the Niantic, and many of the Pokemon in the game will be quite different. Also, the game will launch sometime around this summer.

The good thing is the app is right now on the Pre-Registration. Head to the link and register your name for the game.

Source: Android Authority

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