Google Assistant might send a text even on the lock screen


Google keeps on adding features to its voice assistant, the Google Assistant, every day. Google is also trying to implement one new feature into the Assistant so that the device remains hands-free. And you can send the text messages easily. Even without touching/unlocking your phone!

As per a report by 9to5Google, the new A/B testing of the Assistant has started. and this testing is currently server-side. So, you may or may not get the feature. The latest testing has showcased a feature using which you can send your text, mind you, via your voice command to anyone. That too, on the lock screen itself!

As per the report suggests, the command ‘send a text’ seemed to be working on the lock screen. And the feature somehow came with the Google App Beta update version 10.28. Since it is an A/B Server-Side testing, you might not get this feature.

Also, somehow Google rollbacked the feature, thus removing it from the app completely. Currently, if you try a similar feature, the phone will ask you to unlock the device first. This feature changed from the days of Oreo actually.

Right now, it has been rolled back. Therefore, making it unclear if Google will make this feature rollout worldwide, or kill it entirely.

Source: 9to5Google

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