Android Q will make managing your earbuds easier


Android Q is about to release net month, and we know so much of the feature before the release. This new feature wasn’t well-known before today. This new feature will make it easier to monitor your earbuds easier.

The Google Fair Pair feature will get a new and major update in the upcoming Android Q. Also, the feature will get a dedicated page to manage the wireless headphones that are supported by Fair Pair.

The Fair Pair will help you manage the truely wireless headphones directly through your phone and let you even check the battery level of the same. Also, you can monitor when the case is opened/closed and how much it still has.

Courtesy: The Verge

Also, the earbuds supported by Fair Pair will also show up in the Find My Device section as well. This new feature will also get its own UI in the upcoming Android Q.

As per The Verge, several earbuds will be supported by Fair Pair, which includes Google Pixel Buds, Bose QuietComfort 35 II, etc. This means there can be several other features that can come when the Android Q is launched by Google next month.

You can find the list of entire supported earbuds here.

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