Android Q Beta 5 will bring new animations to Assistant


The upcoming Android Q Beta 5 will have some new things incoming. As per a video from a Reddit member, somehow got hands on the Beta. He shares a video about the features of the Beta 5. The Video shows new animations of Google Assistant as well as new gestures of Beta 5.

As you already know, the interesting part of this new OS will be the animations, gestures and much more (even those we don’t know of yet).

The Redditor did notice many changes in the animation and also adds that there are some changes to the icon animations. For eg: the rotation icon on the notification panel, has a new animation as well. The Android Q Beta 5 is going to be interesting. Although, not that much, but yes, it will be.

To understand what actually I’m trying to say, watch this video:

Source: 9to5Google

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