Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 launched, specifications here


Samsung has launched a new affordable tablet, the Galaxy Tab A 2019. The Tablet features a massive 16:10 aspect ratio display, along with a massive battery inside.

The Galaxy Tab A 2019 features a 16:10, 8-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 1200×800, which is quite low, considering that mobile phones get higher 1080p resolution. But considering that tabs aren’t so mainstream, well, not in case of Apple Fanboys. But in the case of Android, the tablet is no more consideration.

The good thing is, the device has a mettalic body, whereas the mobile phones are getting the glastic bodies, which are lighter in weight.

Wait a sec! Why Am I comparing tabs with mobile phones anyways -_-

Back to the topic. The Galaxy Tab A 2019 doesn’t come with impressive hardware specifications. It features 2GB RAM with 32GB storage. You also get the expandable slot for SD cards up to 512GB. Also, you get a Quad Core processor. The specifications clearly suggest that the device is not for any production related stuff.

There are two different models for the device. You have the option to go with a WiFi only model or the LTE variant, thus making sure you connect to LTE on the go, and WiFi when you sit at home.

By the way, the LTE model will also have WiFi so the LTE is the best one to go. But, You are going to get a tab with those specifications? Are you sure about it? Think again!

Source: Gadgets 360

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