Apple is Reportedly Switching to new Scissor Keys for the 2019 MacBook Air


Well, all the MacBooks from the past 3-4 years have a bad keyboard. Even though Apple says that the keyboard issue is being experienced by a “small percentage of users”, we all know how true that is. And it seems like Apple is finally admitting that their Butterfly keyboard switches are a prime example of bad design by switching to Scissor keys.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple is finally going to switch to the scissor keys for its 2019 MacBook Air. Apple will also put this new style keyboard in the 2020 MacBook Pro as well. Even though we see scissor keys on most of the laptops, Apple being Apple will take a different approach to this redesign.

The company will reportedly make the keys from fiberglass like material to make it stronger and more durable. Kuo also mentions that this scissor keys will cost less to manufacture than the butterfly keys.

MacBook Air 2019 will perhaps be more significant than the spec bump even for Apple to see how the world reacts to the new keyboard and if any new flaws appear in the design as well.