Galaxy Fold has been redesigned, launch date still missing


As per a report by Bloomberg, Samsung has completed the redesigning of the Galaxy Fold. In an interview with DJ Koh, when asked about the launch, he replied that he needs “a bit more time”. Thus suggesting that the Galaxy Fold will come with more durability, and with fixed Display Protection, which initially made into headlines a few months back.

The redesigning, as per Bloomberg, is mostly for preventing people from removing the protective layer from the display. Thus ensuring that similar mishaps do not take place.

Also, the gap between the hinges has been also a cause of damage to the device. Due to accumulation of dirt between the gaps, the folding caused the display to shatter. Thus Samsung is also focusing on that area as well.

Unfortunately, the device will not be ready before the Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked event at all. For now, after the redesigning, the redesigned parts will start shipping from the head plant to the plants in Vietnam for assembly.

Also, we do not have the actual launch date of the device as well. However, it is possible that the device is relauched before the winter holidays of this year. What we can do is just wait and watch.

Source: Bloomberg

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