Google Fast Share is an Upcoming AirDrop Alternative for Android


AirDrop is one of the most useful and convenient things in Apple devices which Android users wish to have. Now, Google is working on an alternative called Fast Share which will not only use near-field communication but will also use Bluetooth and direct Wi-Fi connections.

Folks at XDA Developers showed how they were able to access it. By using “share to nearby devices without Internet”, Fast Share will use Bluetooth instead of NFC to initiate a connection between two devices. Then with the help of WiFi, it will start transferring files.

This technology works similar to the third party app called Shareit. Fast Share currently shares targets for a Chromebook, Google Pixel 3, an iPhone, and a smartwatch but none yet for Chrome OS and Wear OS devices.

There’s currently no launch date available for Fast Share. Keep following us for more updates.