The Best Ways to Speed up Your Instagram Growth in 2019


Instagram is no doubt the most popular social media and networking site at the moment. It has surpassed the one billion subscribers mark and keeps getting new subscribers every day. More than 80% of these users follow at least one business account. This shows just how Instagram can help grow your brand and your business. As a marketer, Instagram is one platform that you cannot afford to ignore. Everyone is scrambling for a place in it and with good reason.

More than 75% of Instagram users have been influenced to make purchases of some kind after seeing products on various accounts. It follows then that you would want to speed up your Instagram growth to increase your engagement and as a result your media visibility.

It’s worth noting that many influencers actually use a growth service to power their accounts. If you don’t want to pay for help, then here are the best ways to achieve this goal.

You Have to Post Content Consistently

Instagram is a visual social site. It thrives on the pictures and videos you post. According to a recent study, Instagram accounts that posted content at least once every day had more engagement than those that posted on varied days. This tells you that you are going to get more likes, more comments and more shares as you post more content. Instagram users like to be entertained, as such, you need to keep giving them something new and interesting. So, post and post consistently.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Much as you post images on your main feed, take advantage of the Instagram Story feature. This feature is overtaking images in terms of engagement. Being a mobile-oriented platform, most Instagram users just check their accounts on the go. They do not have a lot of time to go through your entire page. This explains why Instagram stories have become so popular. About 400 million subscribers check and use Instagram stories every day. Ensure that you have an interesting clip to post at least once every day. You can also post pictures on this feature which disappear after 24 hours and allow you to post new content. Just make sure you post in moderation to avoid overwhelming your audience and post interesting content that will compel your audience to react.

Use Live Videos

In addition to Instagram stories, ensure you have a live video once in a while. The good thing is that with a live video, you appear at the front of all other postings on your followers’ feeds. You can encourage them to invite their followers and participate in whatever it is you will be doing. Ensure that your videos are enlightening and interesting to keep your audience. People love to see what happens behind the scenes of your campaigns, so you can use this to keep them glued. You can have a schedule of using live videos so that your audience can look forward to joining you live. This strategy helps draw more viewers and hence more engagement.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are very important if you want to gain followers. This feature makes your content discoverable by a lot of users who are not your followers. You can geotag locations of the places you visit to have people from that area discover your content, you can tag popular personalities and you can even now follow a hashtag. Instagram allows for 30 hashtags per post, but you do not even need that much. If you study and identify the right tags for niche, you can reach a lot of people and grow your Instagram following. Make use of the many tools available online like Focalmark, and Display Purpose to look for relevant hashtags.

Engage Your Audience

As you continue getting followers, you get to have more work to keep them from unfollowing you. it is not enough to simply have followers on your account. You need to keep them engaged otherwise they will start unfollowing. Try and respond to as many direct messages as possible, reply to comments, and participate in discussions that arise on your page and those of others. You not only increase your engagement, but you also enhance your media visibility.

Use Instagram Polls

Instagram poll is a good strategy of improving your engagement and going high up users’ feeds as well as a way of attracting new followers and growing your account. Research what is trending and curate a poll that will draw people to participate and invite their followers to do the same. You can offer incentives and goodies as a way of encouraging more people to participate.

Follow Influencers

Actually, you need to follow people so that they can follow you back. This though, is not a guarantee, but it will get you a few followers. Most Instagram users tend to follow back those that follow them. A more effective way is identifying influencers. These are people or accounts that have a large and active following. Please note that it is important that the following be active, otherwise you will just be following a dead account. Take time to identify popular personalities that share the same ideals as you. You can then follow and tag them on your content. Their followers are going to see your content, and some may decide to follow you.