AudFree DRM Audio Converter: Gain control over your music!


AudFree DRM Audio Converter for Mac and Windows is a complete audio solution, able to help us gain full control over all your music files, converting audio from one format to another, even under DRM protection. This tool has become so powerful that it does not matter what type of audio files to work: be DRM of the Apple Music network or iTunes, or AA, AAX audiobook or even common audio file format such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, it converts everything.

AudFree DRM Audio Converter will be our best audio conversion assistant since it is completely free of DRM restrictions and convert protected audio in non-DRM to popular file formats. From this moment we can freely enjoy any music anywhere and at any time.

Due to the protection of DRM, the streams of the Apple Music can only be played on authorized devices and, to help, always with a limited number of times. Of course, no one likes to limit themselves, especially when paying and can’t always enjoy the whole service.


This professional Apple Music converter allows the permanent removal of Apple’s DRM
Music, as well as iTunes, when acquiring M4P songs. In other words, we will be able to keep all our songs in the iTunes library forever and have access to music even after canceling the Apple music signature.


Conversion quality of AudFree DRM Audio Converter:


AudFree DRM Audio Converter for Mac acts, among other things, as a powerful Audio DRM removal software for audiobooks, eliminating the DRM protection of iTunes audio books: M4B, M4A and Audible AA, AAX without presenting any loss of quality.

By converting DRM audiobooks into DRM-free formats with this converter, it’s possible to listen to any audio on all popular devices and without any limitations.

Conversion Formats:

when decoding the DRM, the Audio Converter for Mac offers the possibility to convert the songs of Apple Music M4P, Playlits, and M4B from iTunes, M4A books, audible AA and AAX files for MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B and other simple formats. If, however, each user’s audio collection is not protected by DRM, we can use this toolkit to convert audio files to other formats with a single click.


Universal Conversion:

By making the conversion to the formats indicated in the previous point we will be able to read all our files on all mobile devices for offline listening, such as iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch, Chromecast, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Sony Walkman, Zune, PSP, smartphones, MP3 players, etc.


Input formats:


As an intelligent DRM audio tool, AudFree can’t only encode audio formats, but also keep the information of original metadata and ID3 tags in the output files, including Chapters, Album, Title, Cover, Author, Genre, Date and much more …

For audio or music without identification tags, we can edit the information manually with the Identification Tag Editor. In addition, to make our music more personalized and organized, we can change the primary audio parameters, such as the audio bit rate, the sampling rate, the codec, the channel, etc. of the audios, based on our favorite musical taste.


As a complete Apple music conversion tool for MP3, AudFree DRM Audio Converter is one of the most complete solutions when it comes to unlocking music or audio with DRM protection and which is usually found in the contents of music. The truth is that with just a few clicks, both in the Mac version and in the PC version, we will easily reach our goal and obtain music or audio completely free and usable in a host of computers or destinations. It’s also a very good Spotify Music Downloader.

No doubt that AudFree DRM Audio Converter brings as technical specialization the conversion of Apple songs and M4P iTunes for MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC and other DRM-free formats. The conversions are quite fast, being able to work up to 30x faster than a normal converter, always maintaining the original quality and ID3 tags, including cover, track title, album, artist, genre among others.