Galaxy Note 10 might come with a triple aperture camera


Presently, notorious tipster Ice Universe has claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera will offer the capacity to switch between three apertures (f/1.5, f/1.8, and f/2.4).

Ice Universe claims that Samsung China engineers revealed this news. However, it’s vague whether the tipster got this data straightforwardly from these specialists.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 both offered a dual-aperture camera a year ago. And, yes it’s was fascinating. This feature enabled users to shoot at a more extensive aperture (f/1.5) in low light.

And from there to a smaller aperture (f/2.4) in daytime conditions when you don’t have to catch all the light.

Samsung China engineers said that the Note10 camera will use a three-stage variable aperture: F1.5/F1.8/F2.4

~Ice Universe

Besides a more wider aperture letting in more light, it additionally offers a shallow depth of field. That is, a wider aperture will in general blur the background while a smaller gap keeps a greater amount of the scene to focus.

If true, it will be a great engineering feat by Samsung. It is interesting to see a third aperture in between the already present apertures. This addition of the third aperture will let users capture enough sharp images as well as more brighter images.

It might be soon to predict, but Samsung can also introduce a 48MP camera or a 64MP camera in the Galaxy Note 10 as the primary one.

But is it possible that Samsung can make through the headlines just like P30 Pro’s Zoom and Google Night Shot features? Will Samsung use the Periscope technology or the Night Shot to be back in the headlines? Or they will launch the device with Android Q before any other OEM?

Source: Android Authority

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