Huawei looking into Sailfish OS fork instead of Android


Despite the fact that Huawei is purportedly developing its own mobile OS, the organization is looking for something else for its Android alternative. That something different must be a Russian-made fork of Sailfish OS.

Huawei CEO Guo Ping has already spoked about utilizing Sailfish OS on Huawei mobiles with Konstantin Noskov, the minister of digital development, communications, and mass media of Russia.

In light of the discussion, Huawei is now testing their devices with the pre-installed Aurora OS.

Talking about Sailfish OS, it is Linux fork from the mind of those who worked for Nokia MeeGo OS long ago.

After its discontinuation, the folks created the Sailfish OS. Which can compete with Android to a greater extent if people consider it?

However, the OS is Open Source, and currently runs on four different devices as of now. But you can buy the license of the OS to install it on an Xperia device.

One thing which is pretty interesting is, the support to run Android Apps seamlessly. That means the Sailfish OS can run all the Android Apps with ease.

However, Sailfish supports privacy. That means, it doesn’t sell your usage data to third party without your consent at all.

And the data collected is just for making the OS/ Application work properly.

Source: Android Authority

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