Pixel 4 Design Revealed by Google Itself


Google has just confirmed the Pixel 4 design in a very surprising post on Twitter. The device is months ahead of its launch. We wait for leaks from either Evan Blass or OnLeaks but this time, Google itself leaked (rather published) its own product.

The picture posted by Google confirms the earlier speculations. The Pixel 4 will come with new camera setup. The Pixel 4 will now finally feature 2 lenses instead of one at the rear. The device also appears to have a third spectral sensor as well.

Also, there’s no rear fingerprint sensor. So its safe to guess that the device might have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Google only showed us the back of the device. So we don’t have any official speculations on that (yet!) But rumors suggest that the Pixel 4 will have a FaceID like facial recognition system.

Uploading the Pixel 4 design themselves is a very unique way of handling leaks. This move might’ve come after a lot of Pixel 3 prototypes were leaked and sold in Black Market. A guy had even left his prototype in a Taxi last year!