Reports Suggest Google is Shifting its Manufacturing Units Out of China


Perhaps as a side effect of the ongoing trade war between the US and China, Google is taking some measures. A new report today suggests that Google is shifting Nest and server hardware manufacturing meant for the United States out of China into Taiwan.

According to Bloomberg, Google has “already shifted much of its production of U.S.-bound motherboards to Taiwan.” These components play a major role in powering data centers around the world.

Google is also shifting its Nest manufacturing from China to Taiwan and Malaysia. The Google report only specifies thermostats for the U.S. market. The lineup now consists of Assistant Smart Displays. And soon speakers, as well as security cameras and other smart home devices.

Meanwhile, anew campus and hires expanded things for Google in Taiwan.

It will allow Google to double the size of teams working on hardware and software. Bloomberg notes that the shift is a boon to Taiwan’s manufacturing industry.